Channel 3/4 Modulator (ships to continental US only)

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Do you have an older TV with only an antenna connection? Need to connect a satellite receiver, DVD player or camera to your TV, but it doesn't support the RCA or S-Video connections?

The WS007 TV Modulator converts both RCA and S-Video connectors to display programming on channel 3 or 4 on your legacy TV. The WS007 modulator conveniently switches between the video input and the TV loop through if no video is present on the input. No need for an additional A/B switch!


  • Allows older TVs without AV jacks to be connected to satellite receivers, camcorders or DVD players
  • RCA and S-video inputs
  • Selectable channel 3 / 4 output
  • High Quality exceeds performance of more expensive modulators
  • Automatic A/B switching between the TV loop through and Video inputs.