Wilson's Sleek 4G Craddle Cellular Amplifier Kit (Includes shipping in the USA)

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he Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G cell phone signal booster improves coverage including 4G, 3G, and 2G data downloads for subscribers of all U.S. cellular networks (except Clearwire). For specific information about frequency bands, see below. By also boosting all major carriers legacy voice and data services, the Sleek 4G provides the user a strong, reliable signal, even where 4G services are unavailable.

The Wilson Sleek 4G helps users reduce dropped calls, increase data rates in weak signal areas and originate calls from those dreaded dead spots. The Sleek and its outside antenna increases any phones output power to the cell tower while improving its ability to detect signals it normally would not, keeping the user more reliably connected. Designed for simple set up, the Sleek can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. Built into the Sleek cradle is a Wilson tried and tested bidirectional signal booster and battery charging port. The cradle is ideal for hands free operation in conjunction with a users hands free headset or Bluetooth device. The Sleek 4G has an MSRP of $179.99.